DawaJunction mobile application for wholesalers helps them to operate their business smoothly from anywhere at any time. Wholesaler does not have to maintain any kind of book-keeping. Wholesaler can add as many as assistants to operate their business.They can search for any product. Wholesalers can be notified easily about the new product launches and schemes. Now business can be done 24x7 and from anywhere with transparency. Wholesaler need not to send their employees to collect order. Orders will be received online from retailers and Medical Representatives. With DawaJunction, wholesalers can now save a lot of money.

Assistant Wholesaler

DawaJunction mobile application for assistant wholesalers helps them to process order from anywhere any time. Assistant wholesalers need not to reach retailers to collect orders.


  • Orders can be received anytime anywhere.
  • Increase in business
  • Reduction in operating cost
  • Real time update of order status
  • Reduction is resource consumption
  • Maintain Assistant to run business smoothly
  • No book-keeping required
  • No changes in existing eco-system.
  • Information about any product.
  • Information about new launches and new schemes.